About The AUTHOR

Susan Burton has a passionate interest in ancient history, archaeology, mythology and above all story-telling. After spending more than twenty years writing copy for other people, she has decided to write for herself, drawing on her knowledge, imagination and love of a tall tale. She lives near Hainault Forest, in the beautiful, rolling country-side of Essex, with her husband and cat.

About The Book


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Where does Inspiration Come From?

What is inspiration and where does it come from? A great body of work exists that tries to identify and capture this phenomena. We might read a book or article, see a work of art that moves us, perhaps impels us to try our own hand. But what is inspiration? Put simpl [...]

Susan Burton Narrates How Her Story Came to Fruition

The Summer Queen was written because in July 2016 I had a stress induced heart attack. Three weeks later I had another one. Not unusual for a woman of my age (50+), but quite extraordinary in that either my higher self, or an outside agent, told me it was going to ha [...]


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